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About Us

We are committed to providing quality service.

Dr. Goodall believes in providing the highest level of care with the newest technology that not only increases the longevity of teeth but also ensures comfortable treatment. They participate in at least 20 hours of continuing education every year when only 12 are required by the state of Texas. This allows them to stay up to date in the field of dentistry.

Because of the high tech nature of our practice, our assistants are also exceptional in their training and experience. Our assistants are true professionals who have dedicated themselves to the highest level of a demanding career. Their outstanding level of caring, training and experience are a manifestation of that dedication

We seek patients who are committed to good health and happiness. We try to provide optimal information and provide the educational process necessary for you to attain and maintain good dental health. Our office finds a special delight in enabling you to have a quality smile that will be attractive and enhance your confidence. We encourage your questions, inform you of your options, and include you in the decisions.

No dentist can simply “fix” you without your participation. Your dental team consists of: 1) our professional care 2) your own self-care and 3) your body’s ability to heal itself. We give your teeth a fighting chance but you and your body do the rest. When you understand what’s at stake, we trust that you will want to participate in our program of dental health care maintenance to preserve the youthful and healthy appearance that good teeth provide. A quality smile makes a lasting impression.

June Goodall felt the calling to be a dentist while in high school when women were strongly discouraged from becoming dentists. She taught in public school for 15 years until she was able to enter dental school. There were, even then, only eight women in her dental class.


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