Learn What Dental Crowns Can do for Your Smile
By June Goodall, DDS & Associates
February 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Don’t let damaged or weak teeth affect your oral health. Take care of the problem right now with a dental crown.dental crowns

No one wants to deal with oral health problems but sadly they happen to the best of us. You could ignore the issue, but what good would that do? Most problems don’t get better all by themselves and will require proper treatment from our West Houston dentist Dr. June Goodall. Learn more about dental crowns and when they could benefit your smile.

What is a dental crown?

This tooth-shaped dental restoration is made to fit over a tooth that is damaged. A crown ends up becoming the new outer structure for the tooth, making it more durable and resilient than a tooth that has become weak or damaged from decay, infection or trauma.

Of course, dental crowns can also be used to cover a tooth that is cosmetically unsightly (e.g.: discolorations; misshapen or malformed teeth); however, our Houston cosmetic dentist all offers other options like veneers for changing the appearance of a tooth that is otherwise healthy. A crown can also be used to support a dental bridge or to cover an implant to replace a missing tooth.

What does getting a dental crown entail?

During your first visit we will want to make sure that your smile is right for a dental crown. Sometimes if there isn’t a lot of damage to a tooth a dental filling may be all that’s needed. Once we deem you appropriate for this restoration, we will need to prepare the tooth. This requires us to file down enamel to reduce the size of the tooth so that the crown can fit over the tooth.

Since every crown is made to fit a person’s unique measurements we will need to take impressions of the tooth so that a dental lab can make a restoration that fits precisely. This can take up to a week to complete. During this time you’ll wear a temporary crown to protect the tooth.

Once the permanent crown is complete you will come back to our office where we will check the fit and bite of the crown and then if everything looks good we will cement it in place.

Do you have questions about getting dental crowns in West Houston? Are you worried about the state of one of your teeth? Then get a consultation with the experts at June Goodall, DDS & Associates.


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