How Can Dental Implants Strengthen My Smile?
By June Goodall, DDS & Associates
March 08, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Why dental implants are the strongest solution to tooth loss available today

If you have lost teeth, you know how much it affects your ability to chew the foods you love. Your biting strength is much less and dental implantssometimes it is so difficult to eat chewy foods that you are forced to change your diet. You are also not too happy with how your smile looks, and with all of the open spaces when you smile, you’ve stopped smiling as much. It’s time to learn about the benefits of dental implants and how they can strengthen your smile. It’s time to call Dr. June Goodall, your dental implant expert in Houston, Texas.

Dental implants are created from titanium, a strong metal with the unique quality of being able to fuse to the bone in your jaw. Titanium is a biocompatible material that is kind to your tissue, and your body won’t reject it. Titanium dental implants have a success rate of over 95%, the highest of any surgical implant.

Dr. Goodall will place the titanium implant in your jaw and over time, your bone will fuse around the implant, securing it in place. The dental implant becomes the “root” of your missing tooth. After the area has healed, your implant will be capped with a beautiful, natural looking porcelain crown. Dr. Goodally also offers another type of implant which is in one-piece allowing you to have a tooth replacement immediately. She will recommend which type of dental implant is best for you.

Dr. Goodall wants you to know why you should choose dental implants to replace your missing teeth, instead of removable partials or dentures. With dental implants you will experience:

  • Increased ability and strength to chew your food better, improving your digestion
  • More confidence when you speak, knowing your teeth are securely in place
  • More convenience because you won’t have to remove your teeth to clean them unlike with dentures

Dental implants strengthen your smile because they help you conserve the bone in your jaw, allowing you to keep your firm jawline and maintain the youthful contours of your face. Removable partials and dentures can actually make you lose bone because the pressure of the appliance can cause your bone to diminish over time.

If you want to experience a stronger, more beautiful, full smile, you owe it to yourself to consider dental implants. Dental implants are the strongest long-term solution to tooth loss available today. Stop in and visit Dr. June Goodall, your dental implant expert in Houston, Texas. Don’t wait when it comes to your smile. Call today and strengthen your smile!


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